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EP: A Knock at the Door (2020)

A Knock at the Door is the second of 2 EPs released on 2020. 

02 - A Knock at the door.png
Music Videos

A thanks from Tom on the new EP:

Derek & Carson, thanks for you. Philip Austrom played Trumpet on these, Alex Maher played Sax. Kent Wallace of Five Alarm Funk & I wrote the horn parts. Kaj Falch-Nielsen manned the studio helm & mixed it, Erin Hunt the studio socials, JumpAttack Records provided the label support, we are proud to be a part of the family (Eli Kai we see you) Jen & Fritz Media the publicity outreach, Suite Sound Labs on the mastering. Attached photo by Christopher Edmonstone Photography taken at The Rickshaw Theatre in March during what would be our 3rd-last show of the year. Looking through my hand in the photo is part time band member full time friend Chelsea Kathleen. The cover photo of the EP itself is part of a picture our pal Louis Bockner took.

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